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Hello People vs Food (Goodbye Replay)

We are thrilled to announce our newest (and frankly long overdue) brand to the family… PEOPLE VS FOOD

People vs Food has been our strongest performer on the Replay channel for quite some time, so now we’re upgrading it from show to its own primary content brand. Launching soon look out for familiar programming like Try Not To Eat, In One Bite, Punishment Food Trivia, Try Not To Get Mad: Food Edition – plus a slate of new shows and pilots in production!

So what does this mean for Replay? In order to clear up brand confusion with REACT (formerly known as FBE), we came up with REPLAY as the new name for the brand. Eight months later, it has become very clear that our audience really just wants FOOD shows -- So we listened! But not to worry, the non-food shows will be moving over to REACT so they will still be there for your viewing pleasure, just living on a different channel.

  • Our new PEOPLE VS FOOD Snapchat Discover channel will be launching on May 25th.

  • Our Replay YouTube channel will be renamed to PEOPLE VS FOOD on June 1st.

  • Our Replay Facebook page will be renamed to PEOPLE VS FOOD very soon.

  • Our new PEOPLE VS FOOD Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts will be active very soon.

Thank you for your continued support as we grow and evolve as React Media!

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