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FBE Is Taking A Mental Health Day

2020 has been a thoroughly hectic experience for all of us here at FBE. In addition to navigating the challenge of moving production out of our studios and back again, our staff is about to tackle the task of stockpiling enough videos to last through the holidays and into 2021.

That’s a lot of hard work, and we think it’s important to take breaks. As a result, every FBE employee has been given their choice of October 30th or November 2nd as a paid day off to allow for some recuperation ahead of our holiday rush. If you’re a channel regular, don’t worrythis break won’t impact our video releases! You can still enjoy all your regularly scheduled internet content at its regularly scheduled time.

Additionally, our entire staff will have the day off on November 3rd for the upcoming United States elections. Voting is an important way to participate in the democratic process, and we want to enable our staff to take the time to vote thoughtfully, without the stress of fitting it into their busy schedules. We’ll be back again on November 4th, recharged and ready for action!

Check out for voting resources and tips for creating your own voting plan.

Here is a comprehensive list of mental health resources:

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