Try Not To Channel Is going on hiatus

While we've loved all of you for supporting taking one of our most popular shows like TNT and making a whole channel dedicated to it, we are putting the channel on pause for the moment.

Here's the thing, we launched the channel in February 2020. Yes, that 2020. Then the world rapidly began to fall apart and we had to make some tough decisions. Starting a new channel is hard. Growing an audience and community on that channel is really hard. Toss in a global pandemic and essentially it feels impossible. BUT that does not mean we won't be making Try Not To shows.

For the next little bit we are going to be releasing Try Not To over on FBE and REACT. This is where the shows started. We know you guys were missing them so hopefully you'll enjoy having them back for a little bit.

We're still working out the schedule but we will be posting about it in the community tabs on FBE, REACT and TNT soon. Thanks for watching. Best of luck in the next Try Not To Challenge.